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Whether you are a corporate leader, business owner, academic, in transition, or a student of life, we each have a story to tell, a life to live, and gifts to share. It starts with a bit of honesty, curiosity, and self-awareness to open our eyes and hearts to what abundance and success truly mean to and for us.

Carefully peeling back the layers allows us to learn how we can engage more confidently, listen more intently, and commit more fearlessly to what matters most to us, in our work, for our family, or for our community. Fear limits us. Love expands us.

Giving ourselves permission to look inside and honor ourselves is a beginning.  It is this acceptance that allows us to hear, learn, lead and grow achieving more than we could imagine.  The opportunities for success are attained with the choices we make, the curiosity we embody, and the actions we take.

Ultimately, it is your energy with intention and inspiration that makes you the best you everyday cultivating strength and wisdom with others.


I’m Sherrie, great to meet you!

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After a successful career as a corporate executive, in two highly regulated industries, I made the choice to pursue my passion of cultivating more caring, confident, and courageous leaders… at work, at home, in the community, or simply in life.

I am the person I am because of the encouragement and support of many who polished my strength, unleashed my courage, and honored my commitment.  I know that being curious, consciously aware, and listening for the unspoken helps to unveil the you within yielding success as you define it.

It would be my privilege to engage in conversations with you.  Let us together uncover … the brilliant, bold, and brave you that unveils your greatness.  Come on, the world awaits YOU!


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Sherrie B. Littlejohn
Certified Executive Coach
President, Littlejohn Leadership Coaching & Consulting

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Working with Sherrie was a terrific. Her deep experience combined with a rare sensitivity to identify the exact moment, topic, personality pattern (crux of the matter) and flip this into a learning moment is immediately transformative. Through this work I developed my personal leadership style, better support the goals of the organization I serve and help lead, and developed the confidence to contribute my whole self to work each day.

When I met Sherrie, I was at the crossroad of indecision and borderline indifference.  I wanted a break from myself, from my views of the world at large, and from what I thought was my inability to do something that mattered.  That break came in the form of a firestorm known as Sherrie Littlejohn.  Sherrie helped me to order my thoughts, to reflect on them, and gave me the permission, I didn’t know I was seeking, to abandon the things I didn’t want.  I never realized my need to control outcomes or the pride I felt when I judged things quickly, sometimes accurately but not necessarily completely.  Sherrie encouraged me to be more curious and less judgmental; to view myself more holistically and not just tactically.  I learned balance (we can all win – some win bigger, but we all win).  Sherrie reminded me that fear is draining but faith is freeing.  My indecisiveness was rooted in fear, not lack of opportunity or ability,  I re-discovered my passion and realized I wasn’t dissatisfied with life, I was bored.  And even that was within my power to fix.   My sessions with Sherrie have positively impacted my relationship with my family, my friends, clients, et. al.  I now understand with absolute clarity, that in the great plan of the Creator, within the intricate structure of the universe and the billions of people that occupy the planet, that I, too, have a place, a voice, and a purpose.  It’s up to me how I use it. I love the blog, emails, and texts that are so very encouraging. 

I certainly benefited from the program, Energy Leadership Coaching, and learned a great deal from Sherrie Littlejohn. In these sessions, I studied and learned the structure and makeup of different levels of energy and techniques to maintain and channel them in my daily work. Sherrie is a great coach, a radiant person with very positive energy. Her insights, based on her own impressive experiences and backgrounds, were most helpful to me. Talking and discussing with her helped to raise my self consciousness and awareness including both my strengths and limitations, which is extremely important in our job as a leader in our work. I definitely recommend her program to my colleagues and collaborators.

Working with Sherrie was a pleasant, thought-provoking, and fulfilling endeavor. She was instrumental in directing me to realize my true potential. Sherrie’s holistic approach to career management and upward mobility are impeccable, which eliminates linear thinking which could impede one’s career trajectory. My sessions with her were rewarding and educational. Her industry experience coupled with her coaching expertise makes Sherrie an invaluable commodity to any career-oriented professional. Thanks for all the support, Sherrie!